Embarking on a Tech Odyssey: My Journey from ‘Horrible’ to ‘Less Horrible’

Aryan Gulati
2 min readOct 8, 2023

A Prelude to a Series of Tales, Lessons, and Insights from My Technological Expedition


In a world perpetually spinning with innovative ideas and transformative tech, I stand as a humble student and practitioner of Computer Science, living through the ebbs and flows of a discipline that’s as unforgiving as it is rewarding.

Who Am I?

As a Stanford undergraduate with my head buried in code and hands busy crafting tools (like my small, significant fingerprint door lock opener), my heart beats in sync with the fascinating rhythm of Artificial Intelligence. On this platform, expect to peer into my world, where academia meets application, and learning is ceaselessly unfolding.

Why Write? Why Here?

Much like an intricate painting, every techie’s journey is composed of a myriad of strokes — some bold and deliberate, others light and tentative. “Embarking on a Tech Odyssey” isn’t merely a narrative; it’s the onset of a series where I’ll be candidly sharing episodes of my voyage from feeling utterly “horrible” to gradually becoming “less horrible” in the realm of technology.

Reflecting on my days of initial grappling with Figma to the present times of confidently navigating through React apps and tinkering with models until they fit just right, my expedition has been exhilarating and edifying in equal measures.

What Awaits You?

Journey Chronicles: Expect tales rich with anecdotes and lessons, each illuminating different facets of my ongoing journey in the tech universe.

Tech Waves: Dive deep into analytical insights on emerging tech trends, exploring their multifaceted impacts on our careers and lives.

Opinion Pieces: Engage with my perspective on a spectrum of tech topics, controversies, and some necessary myth-busting.

Old Stories, New Learnings: Revisiting and re-evaluating past experiences and projects to distill fresh insights and understanding.

Embark With Me:

As I pen down the first lines of this odyssey, I invite you to join me in this engaging and enlightening venture. Let’s navigate through the intricate tapestry of technology together, sharing, learning, and marveling at the innovations reshaping our reality.

Are you ready for the adventure? Hop in!



Aryan Gulati

I build things using code all the time and write about them sometimes. Also CS @ Stanford.